Opening 'Liquid Lines'

9 Oct 2021
We are happy for Hannah Bohnen about her work 'Liquid Lines' at the Hörnbad in Kiel.

Hannah Bohnen succeeds in breaking up the dominant architecture of the Hörnbad with minimally invasive means and expanding it by one, imaginary space.

Photo: Alex Williamson
The Berlin-based artist and winner of the Gottfried Brockmann Prize Hannah Bohnen has developed a floor drawing for the Hörnbad site that captivates through its formal concentration and complexity of content. At first glance, liquid lines is a meandering line, applied with road marking paint, that stretches across the entire Bäderboulevard in front of the straight-lined and functional architecture of the Hörnbad. 

The viewers are given the opportunity to follow this line with their own gaze or to physically walk along it. The basis of this line is the physical movement in the interior of the building. With the help of the motion tracking method, the three-dimensional movements of swimmers in the Hörnbad were recorded and transcribed into the two-dimensional line. The interior space of the building is thus subtly connected to the exterior space and almost casually and incidentally expanded by an unmissable, imaginary space.